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The Dream of Functional Vision

Welcome to Dr. Alexandar Andrich’s dedicated vision solutions center. For over 17 years, Dr. Andrich and his team have been committed to enhancing the visual abilities of both children and adults. If you’re a concerned parent worried about your child’s learning, reading, or focus, or if you’ve faced challenges like dizziness and double-vision after a brain injury or stroke, we’re here to help.

Unlike standard vision care, Dr. Andrich specializes in advanced neuro-optometry. This means he focuses on retraining the brain and eyes to collaborate seamlessly. Beyond achieving 20/20 vision, our approach aims to restore complete visual function. This involves enabling the eyes and brain to work harmoniously in tasks such as focusing, tracking, and comprehending a dynamic world. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life by relieving issues like headaches, strain, blurriness, and dizziness. Join us in experiencing the world with clarity and comfort.

Our team delves into the subtle signs that may be indicative of underlying neurological conditions, offering comprehensive assessments and personalized care.

Learning Struggles

Learning struggles in optometry and vision therapy pertain to difficulties processing visual information crucial for tasks such as reading, writing, and comprehension. These issues, stemming from visual perception, eye coordination, and focus problems, can be greatly improved through specialized vision therapy, enhancing learning and academic performance.

Reflex Integration

Reflex integration involves addressing primitive reflexes that may persist beyond infancy and affect visual development. By targeting these reflexes through specialized exercises and therapies, individuals can enhance their visual skills and overall functioning.

Auditory Processing

Auditory processing relates to how the brain interprets and makes sense of auditory information. It plays a crucial role in the overall sensory integration process and can be improved through specialized therapies that enhance both visual and auditory processing skills.

Reading Comprehension

The ability to understand and derive meaning from written text. It involves the coordination of visual skills such as tracking, focus, and perception, which can be improved through specialized therapies to enhance overall reading proficiency.


Dyslexia is a neurological condition that impacts a person's ability to accurately and fluently read. It may involve difficulties with visual processing and tracking, which can be addressed through specialized vision therapies to improve reading skills and overall academic performance.

The Intersection of Neurology and Optometry

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy, a form of vision therapy that deals with vision rehabilitation following brain injury, applies the latest methods and treatments of neuro-plasticity and vision function to help patients develop or regain the essential visual skills necessary for learning and optimal daily function.

As part of an interdisciplinary approach, neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy is a well-established and highly-effective method used to treat underlying vision function issues responsible for the problems listed above.

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An undiagnosed vision condition, or one resulting from a traumatic brain injury, can result in the following problems:

Double Vision

Experience the clarity of a world without "Double-vision". Our expert team is dedicated to providing precision vision care, ensuring you see the world in perfect focus.

Blurred Vision

Say goodbye to the frustration of blurred vision with our specialized care at The Vision Development Team. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology to bring back the crisp clarity you deserve, ensuring you see the world with renewed precision and comfort.

Visual Field Loss

Discover hope and tailored solutions for visual field loss at The Vision Development Team. Our expert team combines advanced diagnostics and personalized care to empower you with strategies that optimize your remaining vision, enhancing your quality of life and independence

Extreme sensitivity to light (photophobia)

Don't let photophobia, the sensitivity to light, limit your daily activities. At The Vision Development Team, our experienced optometrists specialize in diagnosing and managing conditions like photophobia, offering personalized solutions that bring comfort back to your vision in all lighting conditions.

Eye Focusing Problems

Struggling with eye focusing issues can disrupt your daily life and activities. At The Vision Development Team, our skilled optometrists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating these concerns, providing personalized solutions to restore clear and comfortable vision, so you can focus on what matters most.

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