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Our Vitamin Store

We have an online store! We offer free shipping on orders over $50. Come check it out!

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Nikken® believes in providing natural ways to fill the gaps in your daily nutrition. They sell a complete line of supplements that are entirely organic. Additionally they sell items for rest and relaxation as well as True Elements® personal care products.

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BrainTap® is an app that utilizes harmonizing tones and gentle light pulses to increase relaxation. The combination of light and sound is a kind of brainwave training known as frequency following response and allows you to reach deep states of relaxation in a minimal amount of time.

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SAVE $100! You get the BrainTap headset and 13 months of access to
their 400+ clinically-tested sessions for
$200 down (reg. $300) + S&H and $50/month for 1 year.

Click the blue button or use the QR code.

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