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Just a few of the many kinds words from our patients and their families:



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This is an awesome team of Optical professionals


This is an awesome team of Optical professionals. I have been going here for 11 years. The doctors care about their patients and even take the time to get to know you a little. They also have so many other services they offer. Love these people. If you don't have and eye doctor or even if you do consider checking out the Vision Development Team.

- Stephen F, Google 2017

Intelligent and professional


Intelligent and professional - I definitely recommend to others! I drive an hour to keep appt. I have seen both Drs. in my 10 yrs as a patient! 5 Stars!

- Jaden S, Google 2017

Very professional and state of the art


Comprehensive vision diagnostics and therapy after head injuries. Very professional and state of the art. Willing to be honest about situation and prognosis. Highly recommend.

- Ann-Marie M, Google 2017

Dr. Andrich and his therapists do amazing work


Dr. Andrich and his therapists do amazing work. After suffering for over a year with concussion symptoms, I met Dr. Andrich and he put me on the fast track to healing. Thank you for all of your efforts.

- Steve B, Google 2017

Neuro-Optometric Review for Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

There is a painting hanging at the front of our office that has a tremendous amount of meaning and tells the story of what we see in so many of our patients. So much so, that we may even see tears from the viewer from time to time.

It happened this week. One of our newer patients who has experienced a brain injury left her evaluation with a sense of overwhelm. And I told her the story of the painting.

The man was in a dark place in his life and had been referred to our practice for treatment. As many of our clients can attest, he committed to weekly sessions with the goal of practicing activities each week. When he finished his therapy he proclaimed through his painting that he saw light in his life. And The Vision Development Team had opened his heart and helped him see the world as a brighter happier place. He had learned, through therapy, about hope and success.

We think that our practice provides that for our patients and their families. We have seen many tears and we work hard to ensure that tears of fear and discontent become tears of hope and light and encouragement. And as I explained this story to our patient with the brain injury, tears filled her eyes as she whispered to her husband "that is what I'm looking for."

l was completely impressed


I can't say enough wonderful things about the Vision Development Team. They have made our family better, they have helped our little boy in so many ways and I am a better parent because of them. I thank God every day I discovered them.

At three years old, my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, although I knew long before that, that there was something going on. After seeing a private psychologist and going to occupational therapy for a year and a half, I knew we needed something more. We had, in essence, graduated from traditional occupational therapy but my son still had so many physical quarks but I just could not identify them all or articulate them to anyone professional. I learned about VDT from a friend and figured I would go for an evaluation just to see if this was a therapy we could consider.

In our first evaluation, l was completely impressed and taken back how quickly my son's challenges were identified by the team and described to me in a way that made sense and validated everything I had been feeling since he was born. The written report afterward was the most comprehensive summary I had seen about my son's challenges, including a therapy plan to get my son the help he needed. In one word, the report was HOPE. I had never felt so hopeful about my son's future.

Since that day, our therapy journey has been so transformative. I have the opportunity to work with my child daily on his therapy exercises. It has helped us form a connection and bond so tight, fluid, and deep that other parents are missing out on. It is a joy to see how hard your child works, how incredible the therapists are helping you every step of the way. I have learned so much and will be forever grateful. I can see my child change, right before my eyes!

I encourage all parents who have a child with sensory or auditory disorders or ocular challenges to see the VDT for an evaluation. It could change your child's future!

- Jen Fitchko (Davis Fitchko)

The Vision Development Team is “Priceless”


Dr. & Patti Andrich - The Vision Development Team is “Priceless". Our son had an accident that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury. After years of seeking out specialists to help with all of the issues that he had experienced since his accident, and few answers, we were referred to the Vision Development Team.

Dr. Andrich performed an extensive eye exam and then referred us for additional testing. After just hours of testing with Patti, she was able to explain to him, some of what he has been living with. Now with Primitive Reflex Therapy, Auditory Therapy and Vision Therapy | feel that we have a path to follow in pursuit of his best life.


- Dee (Evan DiMarzio)

We began our journey with the Vision Development Team 18 months ago


To Whom it may Concern:

We began our journey with the Vision Development Team 18 months ago. My daughter had just finished the second grade. She was making progress, but not enough! I already had her working with a private tutor, but nobody could understand why she wasn’t reading as well as she should have been. She despised homework and would throw fuss fits when we had to do any reading or writing! She couldn’t tell the difference between p,q,d, and b. l was thinking that she was dysiexic. I had heard about the Vision Development Team from a friend and decided to have her evaluated. It was the best decision!

After 10 weeks, we decided to have her evaluated for primitive reflexes. We decided to work on those in order to pave the way for her vision to improve.

We did the home therapy every night (homework is so important for success). Sometimes the therapy was a battle - she didn’t like doing it because it was hard, but I never gave up. Here are some of the many ways that she has grown and improved:

-She isn’t losing her place when she reads.

-She can tell the difference between a p,q,b, & cl.

-Her letters stopped wiggling on the page.

-She has so much more confidence!

-She can do close work for longer times.

-She can do a word search!

-She is able to ride a bike!

-Her writing is neater and smaller.

-Her grip on her pencil has improved - she is working on using fine motor skills when writing instead of using her entire arm to write.

-Her meltdowns have become less intense, less often, and more manageable

Please let me know if there are more specific questions you would like to have answered! We appreciate how much you have changed our lives!

- Betsy Hisrich (Maggie Evans)

Congratulations to Patti Andrich and the Vision Development Team on this well-deserved award

andrew CYO 10th

As I drove with Andrew to his appointment today, I looked across at the young man sitting next to me in the front seat of the car and was incredulous. Reflecting on when we first started treatment, I remembered that he was so young and so fatigued that he would fall asleep in the car both from the drive and from the therapy.

From vision therapy to auditory processing work using integrated listening systems (ILS), to reflex integration, to ortho-K contacts, to sports vision therapy, it has been an incredible journey. Stressful, exhausting, time-consuming, and demanding, but ever so worth it to see the polite, confident young man he has become.

We have consulted and learned from many therapists throughout these last 16 years but one, in particular, had such an enlightening approach and such breakthrough treatments that I would like to single her out.

Our experiences with Patti Andrich and the Vision Development Team has been ongoing since 2015. They are all consummate professionals dedicated to helping the child to both overcome any barriers but also to excel. Patti’s way of evaluating, handling, encouraging, coaching and treating both Andrew and us is superb. When situations present themselves, she listens carefully, takes our input and is open to implementing whatever changes are necessary to accomplish our shared goals. Her upbeat and energetic style is both refreshing and motivating. Her ability to relate to and motivate the child is incredible.

Patti Andrich has led us through such a comprehensive and successful treatment plan over the course of more than 8 years to help to bring Andrew to the next level of both academics and athleticism. He has contributed in many team sports including football, basketball, and baseball as well as individual sports such as golf and skiing. She has enabled him to pursue his passions and continue to play sports at a competitive level into high school. Patti’s steady guidance, creative approach, and unbridled enthusiasm,  Andrew’s fierce determination, and our support made all of this possible.

Congratulations to Patti Andrich and the Vision Development Team on this well-deserved award.

All our best.

Kathy and Dave

“I can’t say enough about the progress that I’ve made with my concussion symptoms since working with Dr. Andrich.”

“The most professional and friendly environment ever! Dr. Andrich is amazing! What an insightful Doctor. He was by far the most helpful specialist we have seen, and we have seen many!’

“Excellent visit. Dr. Cerny addressed all my concerns. I have already referred one of my friends to visit.”

“There should be more of you out there! I just wish Insurances were accepted.”

“Great experience there so far! I can’t wait to see the progress my daughter makes after 18 weeks of therapy.”

“Dr. Andrich is wonderful. His testing is so thorough!!! He is so attentive, and easy to talk to. I would recommend him to everyone!”

“The Vision Development Team had been a great help to my son and his learning disabilities. The team is friendly, kind and understanding and works with both my son and I to help us with his struggles.”

“Really take the time to listen. Excellent care.”

“Dr. Cerny was great with my son and did a great job explaining the exam and results.”

“Great place! Very clean, friendly and professional.”

“This is my only experience with therapy of any kind. I am satisfied with the results so far and the workers here are great. The issues being addressed are some of the hardest to work with. The workers are knowledgeable about their jobs and very patient with their young patients. As surgery is my only other option I have hope that continued therapy will continue to produce positive results”

“Always a great hour with the vision therapist . Come home every month with more exercises to strengthen our daughters eyes.”

“Dr. Cerny was wonderful. She explained everything to us regarding what’s going on with our daughter’s eyes and answered any questions. She put our three year old daughter at ease immediately. I would certainly recommend this practice.”

“We are very pleased with The Vision Development Team. Our first meeting was great. I am looking forward to our therapy sessions for our 3 yr old. Very informative.”

“Great service. Very complete exam. Dr. Alex is wonderful.”

“We have trust and confidence in Dr. Andrich’s examinations and decisions regarding our children’s visual health.”

“Very kind and helpful. Thanks.”

“The staff was friendly and helpful. Everything was explained in detail and sufficient time was provided for questions. Felt very confident after the visit in their ability to help my daughter with her vision issues.”

“Everyone there is so friendly, helpful and sensitive to my child’s needs.”

“Very Professional and a great experience for my daughter, we cant wait to get corrective lenses.”

“Very professional. I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with my son’s reading challenges. Now we will have to see how the therapy works!”

“It was a very emotional visit with the Doctor and I know that he will be able to help me. The front desk was very kind and professional. That tells a lot about the way a business is run. I felt at ease. The test were very thorough and the Doctor explained each test. I am looking forward to my next visit. I felt like my input mattered and I was a part of a team.”

“Dr. Andrich is very thorough and comprehensive with his examinations. Over the years he has addressed issues that otherwise would have gone undiagnosed with my daughter. His attention to every detail regarding vision and learning is remarkable!”

“Everyone was amazing, as always!”

“Very welcoming place”

“Excellent and thorough eye exam and the doctors are very knowledgeable and willing to explain issues well.”

“I am incredibly impressed with the talent of the professionals at the Vision Development Team. I have referred friends there, who have also had the same experience.”

“Very thorough exam and recommendations. The therapy really benefited my daughter and she loved the therapists…Dr Andrich has a wonderful bedside manner and explains things well.”

“My experience with The Vision Development Team was excellent! Dr. Andrich spent a lot of time with me. He was very thorough and checked every aspect of my vision. He explained my vision loss in terms that I understood and gave me very good information about things that could be done to improve my safety and allow me to function better when doing everyday tasks.”

“Check in was very smooth and professional, and the wait was short. Dr. Andrich does an EXCELLENT job of explaining the complexities of eye use and helped us understand what is causing my daughter’s occasional double vision. I was also impressed that the intervention he suggested that we try first was the least expensive, least interfering. Wonderful experience.”

“Quick, easy, friendly and professional. What more do you want?”

“The program is amazing!”

“Dr Cerny has been exceptionally helpful with my daughter’s contact tenses and Ortho K lens. After all her directions and support, It has been very easy for Claire to adjust to the new lenses.”

“I have never experienced such a thorough and extensive exam. I want to thank you for your patience and ability to make me feel comfortable during the entire visit. You have given me quit a bit of hope in my ability to be able to see in the further . Yea hoo! Thank you so very much.”

“I felt the examination was very through. The doctor spent a significant amount of time with me and performed many test for my vision. He gave a explanation of everything he performed. It was a good experience for me.”

“Very good experience. Dr. Cerny took the time to understand my needs and came up with a vision solution that is a good fit for my lifestyle.”

“Awesome doctor/patient team!!!”

“The staff were all very friendly. I appreciate how comfortable Dr. Cerny made my daughter feel. We had an excellent experience and I would recommend The Vision Development Team to all family and friends.”

“I really enjoyed my experience at The Vision Development Team. I was finally able to get an explanation as to why my vision is the way it is. I also took my 2 year old son there and the exam was quick and easy and Dr. Andrich was very patient when my son didn’t want to completely cooperate.”

“Dr. Andrich was great! Very competent and helpful. My daughter was at total ease with him. The office staff and customer service are some of the best I have seen. We are really happy to have found this office.”

“My grandson struggled with so many different issues. When we started coming, he was a third grader, struggling in school, angry, and having daily meltdowns. We would work on homework from the time he came home until he went to bed and most days he would not be able to complete it. Finding Dr. Andrich was a godsend. We worked hard at therapy to correct a multitude of problems. Now our grandson is a Freshman in high school. He is a very good student (mostly A & B’s) and he is able to complete most of his school work easily. He still has a few challenges, but without the intervention provided by The Vision Development Team, I don’t know where he would be.”

“We live on the east side of Cleveland. Our home school recommended Dr. Andrich and team. We have been very happy to make the 45 minute drive, sometimes even weekly. The vision therapy made a world of difference for our children and we also found the reflex ot with Patty very helpful. I would highly recommend this team to anyone!”

“I was very pleased with our experience at my son’s appointment yesterday. Dr. Andrich was very kind and patient as he worked with my son. He is very knowledgeable and explains things very well. I’m looking forward to working with The Vision Development Team in the upcoming months with my son. Everyone we met at the office was very nice, the receptionist was very kind and even another staff member came out and sang along a little to my sons Barney DVD. Highly recommend this office!!!”

“Dr. Andrich spent a lot of time assessing my vision issues and explained things to me well. The office staff was pleasant. The office is clean and there is even a relaxation room with a massage chair for parents to use during children’s treatments.”

“Wonderful experience with The Vision Development Team. Professional and knowledgeable. Great explanations every step of the way. Thank you.”

“Very helpful Reflex Integration therapy, great results in”

“Great first impression. Loved everything from reception to seeing Dr. Andrich. Additionally, when I went to fill my son’s prescription for glasses, even the optician spoke highly of Dr. Andrich. How reassuring!”

“Our therapy visit for our daughter went very well. Patti is very encouraging and pushes our daughter to do her best. I appreciate Patti’s knowledge of our daughter’s eye problem and her ability to explain how to do the therapy at home clearly to me.”

“Dr. Andrich quickly did a thorough eye exam after my son had previously been unsuccessful cooperating with exams for others.”

“Throughout the eye examination, Dr.Andrich was kind and patient with my daughter, who has physical and cognitive limitations.”

“Very helpful. Work well with my child. Both OT and VT have had excellent results.”

“Very knowledgeable, read all of the paperwork/history ahead of time, discounted our session fee when my son had a meltdown and made the rest of the exam impossible.”

“The therapists were all very patient with me as I was suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. At the same time I was going thru PT for my shoulders. I also was closing in on the dead line for a quilt show. So I was really rundown and had very little energy. I am very grateful for their patience and encouragement.”

“My experience was great! Dr. Andrich was very thorough and Patti was very kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend the Vision Development Team to anyone!!”

“As far as I am concerned YOU are the GO TO vision practice of NE Ohio. I have never had such a thorough exam, so much attentiveness to my crazy issues, or such great results for my long term issues with my eyes and spacial orientation. THANK YOU for being caring, professional. super helpful, and downright amazing!”