Primitive reflexes are the beginning of a baby’s brain development that should only remain active for the first few months of their life. Retained primitive reflexes can be caused by an issue during the birth process. If there has been a traumatic birth experience or birth by c-section, this may lead to retained reflexes. Additionally, retained primitive reflexes can be caused by falls, traumas, lack of tummy time, delayed or skipped crawling, chronic ear infections, head trauma, and vertebral subluxation.

When primitive reflexes have not integrated within the appropriate time frame, it is very important to revisit the development stages that were missed. These activities can actually rebuild the foundation and create a new neural pathway.

We are proud to assist your child with a primitive reflex integration program. This will involve the specific movements and patterns that make it possible to retrain their brain, and control the center for the reflexes.

When you do not treat your child for retained primitive reflexes, it can lead to impulsivity, hyperactivity, aggression, developmental delays, anxiety, fear, poor academic performance, and poor intellectual development.

Our practice will work with your child carefully. We are a practice that cares for each patient that comes through our doors. Our entire staff is great with children and will create a calming environment for them.

If you have any questions regarding retained primitive reflexes or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (440) 230-0923. We look forward to assisting you!