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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

National Academies of Practice Inducts Patti Andrich, MA, OTR/L, COVT, CINPP

The National Academies of Practice (NAP) is pleased to announce the election of Patti Andrich, MA, OTR/L, COVT, CINPP as a Distinguished Fellow in the Distinguished Fellow in the Occupational Therapy Academy. Class of 2023 Fellows were welcomed into the National Academies of Practice during the awards and induction ceremony...

The Fundamentals of Auditory and Vision Development

Within the human brain, several senses share similar pathways. One example of this is the shared pathway of the auditory and visual systems. Depth perception uses both pathways, as we often use sound to determine distance and then look toward the sound with our eyes to learn more, demonstrating how...

Uncovering the Root of Learning Struggles: Vision or Learning Disability?

Vision therapy can treat various eye conditions that may present as learning disabilities.

What Causes a Child to Be a Slow Learner?

When a child is considered a ‘slow learner,’ parents and teachers often assume the problem is ADHD or a learning disability. Many don’t realize that a visual deficit is at the root of the problem. Find out how vision therapy can help your child succeed in school and in sports.

Can I Be Blinded By A Nerf® Gun?

Did you know that Nerf® guns, a supposedly safe children’s toy, have been shown to cause eye injury in certain cases? What makes them so dangerous?

Vision Training – Helping Athletes Achive Peak Performance

Introduction Almost all athletes find ways to train their muscles, reaction time, speed, and agility. However, to be at the top, that is not always enough. Top performers not only want more, they need more. Competitive athletes are always looking to get an edge in sports. If they want to...

Why Ortho-K Is A Great Alternative To LASIK

Not sure if you should have LASIK surgery? Here are a few reasons why ortho-k lenses make a great alternative to refractive surgery.

2 Ways Strong Peripheral Vision Can Help You Avoid Sports Injuries

Peripheral vision allows us to view objects, people, and actions at the sides of our vision, also known as our peripheral visual field. Athletes with poor peripheral vision are at higher risk of sports-related injuries. Here are 2 exercises that can help improve your peripheral vision.

The Vision Coach

Winning coaches are experts at breaking down sport skills, analyzing plays, and providing specific feedback to improve performance.  However, when it comes to vision, the advice often gets generalized to comments like “keep your eye on the ball”, or “focus on” a target.   Coaches have the right idea.  They...

Anxiety May Be Activated by Reflex Codes

If you, or someone you know experiences frequent bouts of anxiety, you are not alone!  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is prevalent. In fact,… Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects about 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) affects...