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Vision Therapy Services in North Royalton

Could your child benefit from vision therapy? Is your child struggling to read at grade level or having difficulties with schoolwork? Does homework feel like a constant battle?
Undetected visual issues might be hindering your child's academic performance.

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Unlock Your Child's Potential: Exploring the Benefits of Vision Therapy

Did you know that 20/20 vision is just one of over 17 crucial visual skills required for efficient performance in school and sports?

At The Vision Development Team, we offer a comprehensive vision therapy program that targets specific visual skills impacting your child’s learning and overall performance. Our evidence-based approach enhances reading levels, comprehension, attention spans, and sports abilities.

The Impact of Vision Skills on Learning:

While visual acuity remains essential, it's just a single component of the larger vision equation. With more than 17 vital visual skills at play, children with underdeveloped abilities may put in extra effort without achieving the desired results.

Our specialized vision therapy program addresses these specific skills, making a noticeable improvement in reading, comprehension, attention, and athletic performance.

Is Your Child a Candidate for Vision Therapy?

Identifying whether your child can benefit from vision therapy involves recognizing specific indicators. Various signs and behaviors can indicate potential visual issues hindering your child’s learning and overall performance.

By paying attention to these signals, you can assess whether your child might benefit from our specialized vision therapy program.

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Struggling With Reading

If your child frequently has difficulty reading, such as skipping words or lines, it could indicate underlying visual skill challenges. Vision therapy addresses these issues, allowing your child to improve their reading abilities and develop better reading fluency over time.

Experiencing Eye Strain or Headaches During Close Work

Regular complaints about eye strain or headaches during activities like reading or computer work suggest that your child is experiencing visual discomfort. Vision therapy can help alleviate these symptoms by training the eyes to work more efficiently and comfortably during close-up tasks.

Demonstrating Avoidance Behaviors

If your child consistently displays avoidance behaviors related to tasks that require visual focus, such as resisting homework or fidgeting while reading, it could be a sign of potential visual challenges. Vision therapy can improve concentration and engagement in such tasks comfortably and without stress.

Confusing Letters

Difficulty distinguishing between certain letters, such as 'b,' 'd,' 'p,' and 'q,' could indicate visual processing issues. Vision therapy can help enhance your child's ability to recognize and differentiate letters, improving their reading and comprehension skills.

Eye Rubbing

Frequent rubbing of the eyes might be a sign of visual discomfort or strain, especially during activities that require visual concentration. Vision therapy addresses any underlying issues causing this discomfort and promotes healthier visual habits and behaviors.

Blurred Vision While Reading

If your child often complains of blurred or double vision while reading, it could indicate visual challenges that we should address. Vision therapy can help enhance their visual skills, enabling them to read more comfortably and with improved clarity.


A Holistic Approach to Vision Therapy

The Vision Development Team adopts a holistic vision therapy approach beyond basic eye examinations. Our comprehensive functional vision exam assesses over 17 crucial visual skills, enabling us to pinpoint potential hindrances within the visual system that may impede your child’s learning progress.

With a focus on eye tracking, reading fluency, focusing, and depth perception, our personalized approach ensures your child receives the tailored support they need to succeed.

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Vision Therapy

Our leading optometrist, Dr. Alexandar Andrich, and his wife, Patti Andrich, an experienced Occupational Therapist, are committed to providing comprehensive vision therapy beyond the conventional approach. They will evaluate the entire visual system, design personalized exercises, and retrain the brain to interpret visual input more accurately.

Contact our eye care team for a functional eye exam today. Let's work together to overcome any underlying visual challenges.

Vision Therapy FAQs

Enhance your child's confidence and performance with our specialized vision therapy program.
Vision therapy is a non-invasive treatment that improves visual function through targeted exercises, specialized lenses, and occlusions. With our customized therapy plans, we can achieve significant and lasting improvements relatively quickly.

Discover how vision therapy can make a difference in your child's life — reach out to us today!

Why is 20/20 Vision Not Enough For My Child?

Simply having 20/20 vision isn't always enough. Many children struggle with vital visual skills necessary for learning and sports, even with clear eyesight. Our comprehensive functional vision exam assesses every critical visual skill, allowing us to develop a personalized vision therapy plan that meets your child's unique needs.

How Can Vision Therapy Benefit My Child?

Developing essential visual skills can boost a child's academic success, self-esteem, and confidence. Our vision therapy programs prepare children for academic excellence and contribute to their overall quality of life and achievements.

What's The Expected Timeline to See Results?

The duration of the therapy program varies depending on your child's active participation and adherence to the plan. With consistent training, results can become noticeable within a few weeks to six months.

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