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NBX Wellness

At nbx Wellness we believe in the power of personalized Wellness that’s why we offer the latest in neutrogenia genetic testing to assist our providers in determining each client’s foundational Wellness needs our genetic test provides a comprehensive understanding of each client’s unique genetic profile helping each provider tailor their client individual Wellness Journey.

Our exclusive test unlocks each client’s nutritional needs with a simple cheek swap collection can be done in the provider’s office or by the client at home our Innovative recommendation engine analyzes each test to provide personalized recommendations for our exclusive formulations and other Nutrition Fitness and lifestyle recommendations all based on the client’s unique DNA order a neutrgenomics genetic test today to begin experiencing the benefits of personalized Wellness.

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BrainTap® is an app that utilizes harmonizing tones and gentle light pulses to increase relaxation. The combination of light and sound is a kind of brainwave training known as frequency following response and allows you to reach deep states of relaxation in a minimal amount of time.

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SAVE $100! You get the BrainTap headset and 13 months of access to their 400+ clinically-tested sessions for
$200 down (reg. $300) + S&H and $50/month for 1 year.

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