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Uncovering the Root of Learning Struggles: Vision or Learning Disability?

Vision or Learning DisabilityLearning disabilities and vision problems can often be confused with one another, as they can both cause difficulties in reading, writing, and other academic tasks. It’s essential to distinguish between the two, as they require different types of intervention and support.

Is your child having difficulty at school? Schedule a comprehensive eye exam at The Vision Development Team in North Royalton to determine the underlying cause. If the problem is visual, vision therapy could be the solution. 

Learning Disability vs. Vision Problems

A learning disability is a neurological condition affecting a person's ability to process and understand information. It’s not related to intelligence or motivation, but to how the brain processes information. Common types of learning disabilities include dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. These conditions are usually identified during childhood and can continue to affect individuals throughout their lives.

Learning disabilities can make it hard to read, write, concentrate and learn. No wonder many children with learning disabilities dread going to school.  

People with visual problems share many of these symptoms. If a child’s eyes can’t work together as a team, or the child has trouble processing visual information, it makes it hard to read and stay focused in the classroom.  

Fortunately, vision therapy can address problems with visual skills and visual processing.

Which One Is It?

While learning disabilities and visual problems share similar symptoms, they are distinct conditions requiring different treatments. It’s important to identify the root cause of a child's struggles in school, whether a learning disability, a vision problem, or both, to provide appropriate support and guidance to help them succeed academically.

Vision Therapy in North Royalton

If it is a vision issue, vision therapy may be the right tool to help support your child. Vision therapy is a program that can help to improve a person's visual abilities. Various visual problems can be helped with at-home and in-office exercises, testing, occlusion (patching) lenses, and prisms. 

Call to schedule a functional eye exam at The Vision Development Team in North Royalton today! We can help you figure out if vision therapy can help your child.   

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