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To Whom it may Concern:

We began our journey with the Vision Development Team 18 months ago. My daughter had just finished the second grade. She was making progress, but not enough! I already had her working with a private tutor, but nobody could understand why she wasn’t reading as well as she should have been. She despised homework and would throw fuss fits when we had to do any reading or writing! She couldn’t tell the difference between p,q,d, and b. l was thinking that she was dysiexic. I had heard about the Vision Development Team from a friend and decided to have her evaluated. It was the best decision!

After 10 weeks, we decided to have her evaluated for primitive reflexes. We decided to work on those in order to pave the way for her vision to improve.

We did the home therapy every night (homework is so important for success). Sometimes the therapy was a battle - she didn’t like doing it because it was hard, but I never gave up. Here are some of the many ways that she has grown and improved:

-She isn’t losing her place when she reads.

-She can tell the difference between a p,q,b, & cl.

-Her letters stopped wiggling on the page.

-She has so much more confidence!

-She can do close work for longer times.

-She can do a word search!

-She is able to ride a bike!

-Her writing is neater and smaller.

-Her grip on her pencil has improved - she is working on using fine motor skills when writing instead of using her entire arm to write.

-Her meltdowns have become less intense, less often, and more manageable

Please let me know if there are more specific questions you would like to have answered! We appreciate how much you have changed our lives!

- Betsy Hisrich (Maggie Evans)