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l was completely impressed

I can't say enough wonderful things about the Vision Development Team. They have made our family better, they have helped our little boy in so many ways and I am a better parent because of them. I thank God every day I discovered them.

At three years old, my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, although I knew long before that, that there was something going on. After seeing a private psychologist and going to occupational therapy for a year and a half, I knew we needed something more. We had, in essence, graduated from traditional occupational therapy but my son still had so many physical quarks but I just could not identify them all or articulate them to anyone professional. I learned about VDT from a friend and figured I would go for an evaluation just to see if this was a therapy we could consider.

In our first evaluation, l was completely impressed and taken back how quickly my son's challenges were identified by the team and described to me in a way that made sense and validated everything I had been feeling since he was born. The written report afterward was the most comprehensive summary I had seen about my son's challenges, including a therapy plan to get my son the help he needed. In one word, the report was HOPE. I had never felt so hopeful about my son's future.

Since that day, our therapy journey has been so transformative. I have the opportunity to work with my child daily on his therapy exercises. It has helped us form a connection and bond so tight, fluid, and deep that other parents are missing out on. It is a joy to see how hard your child works, how incredible the therapists are helping you every step of the way. I have learned so much and will be forever grateful. I can see my child change, right before my eyes!

I encourage all parents who have a child with sensory or auditory disorders or ocular challenges to see the VDT for an evaluation. It could change your child's future!

- Jen Fitchko (Davis Fitchko)