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Extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. Great staff and the new location is awesome. The best eye care around!
3 weeks ago
- Kevin R.
Dr. Cerny has been so amazing with both of my daughters over the years: most obviously with their vision, but also our limitations due to travel, and even their moods. I could not give her higher praise for her work!
4 weeks ago
- Elizabeth L.
Rob and Dr Andrich have been amazing. As an adult with strabismus and double vision, I was under the belief that vision therapy would not help me- I was wrong. I’ve been coming for vision therapy for my double vision which has dramatically improved. My vision therapist, Rob, is great at formulating and modifying exercises to help me improve my vision. He really cares about what he does and I’ve never met someone more knowledgeable in this area. We are so lucky to have vision therapy available in our area.
1 month ago
- Megan V.
My child was having daily headaches - she is now headache free thanks to Dr Andrevich and his team, ESPECIALLY ROB!!!!!!!!!!!! This place and these people are next level, I'm telling ya!
1 month ago
- Valerie C.
My husband went here after having a stroke. He was having vision issues as a result. They really gave him alot of tools on how to identify, focus, repair, rebuild the weaknesses he was visually having. Kris was by far his favorite to work with, their personalitys hit it off from the start! Kris was understanding, helpful in pushing him to do the work, and tough (in a fun way, that's what he needed) continuing to challenge him so he could continue to SEE better results!! I would highly recommend them to anyone having vision challenges! We are so happy with the improvements he has made from the short amount of time he went to therapy here. In fact we were so impressed we decided to go for additional sessions just because we knew how much it was helping him get back to "feeling like himself again"!! Thanks Kris and The Vision Development Team!!
2 months ago
- Michelle G.
Very kind, professional and courteous
2 months ago
- Jenn S.
Working with Lina has truly been a pleasure and something I look forward.
2 months ago
- Ione B.