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The vision development team is a group of highly skilled professionals who care. My husband found them through a bit of research in order to try and lessen and or fix a variety of symptoms that were affecting my daily life. I am thrilled to report that through the expertise of these amazing souls I feel much better and notice a significant improvement. I cannot thank them enough. Kris my therapist is encouraging/engaging/and all around excellent. Rob, another therapist whom I had only one session with is a delight. I can bestow many more adjectives there way but I’ll just sum it up with the fact that this team is fantastic, they truly care and are experts in this field. Highly satisfied, would absolutely recommend. Many many many thanks, Amy
1 month ago
- Scott F.
My experience with the Vision Development Team has been positive and valuable in helping to address my 11 year-old boy developmental delays. Patti was very professional and clear about expectations when conducting the assessment and suggesting a therapy program for our son. Working with Alyssa, our therapist, has been a pleasure and we have no words to express our gratitude for her patience and support as we receive instructions virtually every week; not to mention how motivated she keeps our son. Results are evident after four months: eye tracking solved, improved hand writing and proper right/left discrimination, which keep us motivated to continue. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this team to parents who are facing difficulties with their kid's development. Thanks for the work you do, Vision Development Team! Lina, Ivan and Lucas
2 months ago
- Livan G.
I have been working with Rob, one of the Occupational Therapists at The Vision Development Team, since November 2020, following an injury that I sustained. The visits are conducted through tele-health because I live over an hour away from North Royalton, but you would never guess it by the way that Rob conducts them. His energy and pure joy is so infectious that he makes it feel as if he is right in the room with you! I love signing on each session because I know that I am going to be greeted with a huge, warm smile and so much enthusiasm that even if I am not feeling good, it will give me that extra push that I need to complete my therapy. Part of my therapy includes using an app called "Binovi". If I have a question regarding one of the exercises, I leave a message in the app and Rob always responds within 24 hours. Sometimes I will write what I did just so he knows what I've completed and he always writes the BEST, most encouraging responses. While doing my exercises, Rob will find a way to make it seem like a game rather than therapy. I find myself laughing and enjoying therapy, which is important, especially because recovering from a brain injury can be frustrating and disheartening. It's easy to get negative and down on yourself. Rob makes sure that I don't. He encourages me every step of the way, while still challenging me. He makes me feel like I can do anything with his praise and encouragement! I know that I would not have stuck with this program and been committed to doing it every single day for the last 5 months if it weren't for Rob.
3 months ago
- Jennifer P.
I began working with The Vision Development Team in September of 2020 after an injury at work left me with, what doctors said was post-concussion syndrome. However, after almost a year of suffering with various symptoms that were only getting worse and watching my quality of life deteriorate, I found Dr. Andrich online when I was researching about vision therapy. Dr. Andrich took his time to get to know me, learn about my injury, and listen to the symptoms that I was still experiencing. He conducting numerous tests that not only related to the physical structure of the eye itself, but also my balance, depth perception, and acuity. After he completed all of the tests, he then sat down with my husband and myself and went over all of the results. He thoroughly explained the how the injury had caused some areas to become weakened and this was the reason for the symptoms I was experiencing. I was so relieved to hear that it wasn't all in my head and that I would have a treatment plan to finally start getting some relief for the symptoms that I had been experiencing! Dr. Andrich has been amazing to work with through all of the headaches of Workman's Compensation paperwork as well. I am so blessed to have met and worked with Dr. Andrich. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing symptoms.
3 months ago
- It's M.
Dr. Andrich is knowledgeable and compassionate. When other eye doctors told me I had little to no hope, he went the extra mile. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. My sincere thanks, and highest recommendation to Dr. Andrich and staff!!
3 months ago
- Martina F.
I am so thankful to The Vision Development team. I have seen so much progress with my daughter. Even her teachers have noticed a major improvement in her schoolwork. She has been working on retained primitive reflexes. Her therapist has been amazing. My son also completed 10 weeks of vision therapy. He came home from baseball practice the other night and said he felt like the therapy really helped his eye hand coordination. I am very grateful to the Vision Development Team they have helped our family tremendously.
4 months ago
- Jessia F.
I can not tell you how amazing Kris is!! Dr. Andrich put us together for 2 (10) week sessions. When I walked in the door the first time. I had been suffering from a brain injury caused by a car accident in 2016. I had been to numerous doctors and specialists for over 4 years. I was bounced around like a basketball with only temporary relief. I bought special mirrors, glasses, I couldn't ride in elevators, boats, planes, i couldn't play softball or volleyball. I couldn't be a Mom, Wife or Friend certain days because I was dizzy, vomiting, headaches, etc.. It was terrible. Gene, from Pinnacle Health Concepts in Boardman ( my vestibular therapist) suggested I give neuro-optometry therapy with Dr. Andrich a try. Boy, was she on to something! Between both vestibular and neuro-optometry therapy I now have a toolbox full of tools to maintain my lifestyle not the brain injury's idea of living. I can not express in words how grateful I am for the treatment I received here. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I would recommend The Vision Development Team for anybody seeking relief in these areas. Thanks a million Kris and Dr. Andrich!!! You are truly my lifesavers.
6 months ago
- Stephanie B.