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Dr Andrich is always so nice, polite and thorough. He always takes time to explain and answers any questions and concerns. A true professional.
2 months ago
- David N.
When I first came to the Vision Development Team I was having double vision and problems with my vision that I have had for like my whole life. With their guidance and expertise I was led into their vision therapy program and it literally changed my life. During the 24 week program I was given vision exercises as well as physical and breathing exercises. They worked with me so that even while living hours away I was able to do my sessions over video call and only come in to the office every few weeks. Kris was super patient with me and made the whole experience enjoyable! It meant the world to me that Kris and the whole team cared and wanted to actually help me when other doctors didn’t. I’ve noticed an incredible difference in my vision, energy levels, confidence, and just overall mood. I’m so thankful for my time here! My life is forever changed because of the Vision Development Team!
2 months ago
- Jaqlyn D.
I have been with the Vision Development team for over 9 months following a TBI. Everyone is well knowledgeable and committed to each client as an individual. The doctors are TRUE Leaders, the therapists are amazing and the plans they create help immediately. They have given me my life back and I am better than before my TBI!! My vestibular system healing and my confidence has given me hope again to tackle my dreams ! I RECOMMEND them and wish more people knew how life changing working with them could be !
3 months ago
- Margie O.
While I’m only about half way through my therapy, I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress I’ve made, which wouldn’t have been possible without The Vision Development Team. Having a traumatic brain injury has been an incredibly stressful event in my life and has prohibited me from doing some of things I used to enjoy most - all of which require good eyesight and balance. This therapy gives me hope that I’ll eventually be able to enjoy those things again and the improvements I’ve made already give me the faith and confidence that I will. Highly recommend.
3 months ago
- Tiffany S.
They are amazing. Dr Andrich is very thorough and always takes the time to get to know us. He is compassionate and his team is amazing. Highly recommend for any vision therapy needs!
4 months ago
- Monika M.
Dr. A is the kindest doctor I have ever met and his team of therapists are amazing as well! My daughter had amblyopia, issues with reading, coordination, confidence just to name a few things. All those things have improved SO much since starting vision therapy! I’m amazed at her progress; I am now a very firm believer in it and will recommend it and this team to everyone! Thank you so very much for all you do! 😀
5 months ago
- Allison V.
The Andrich family and Dr. Cerny take their time with each of our family members. They are very thorough and patient, explain everything, and have been helpful in countless ways over the years. I'm so glad we found them years ago!
5 months ago
- Morgane W.