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Cheryl Geschke

Cheryl Geschke
Patient Care Coordinator

Cheryl began working at The Vision Development Team in 2020.  She handles administrative duties,  patient scheduling, and family communications. She also helps to manageThe Vision Development Team’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.  

Cheryl and her husband Mark have five children between them and 9 grandchildren.  They love it when their children and grandchildren come  home to visit.  They also enjoy taking time to travel coast to coast to visit family throughout the year. 

Cheryl is smitten with the written word! With a background in journalism and a love of reading, she spends her spare time poring over historical fiction and motivational books while keeping up with social media trends. She has degrees in business and journalism from Bowling Green State University and has owned several retail businesses. All of her endeavors are "people focused".  Cheryl is devoted to enriching the lives of others. Her caring voice is sure to brighten your day.