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Alyssa Wisler COVT

Vision Therapist

Alyssa has always had a passion for working with children and families. This passion inspired her to begin her professional studies in child and family development through the department of family and consumer sciences at Western. Alyssa discovered vision therapy when working as a nanny. One child she was caring for was enrolled in a vision therapy program. Alyssa enjoyed helping the child practice their vision therapy exercises. She saw the child’s confidence grow as their visual skills improved. This experience sparked her interest, and she pursued the idea of becoming a vision therapist. Alyssa began her first job as an optometric vision therapist in 2015 at WOW Vision Therapy, with offices in Saint Joseph and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Through continued training and education, Alyssa achieved the requirements to become a certified optometric vision therapist in 2018. Soon after, she moved to Illinois and lived her vision therapy passion at Dynamic Center for Vision Therapy, in Naperville, Illinois.

Alyssa enjoys connecting with her patients and helping them achieve success through the therapy process. Her never-ending love for gaining new knowledge enhances her ability to provide the right exercises at the right time, for the right purpose.

She reminds us to “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Born a Michigander, Alyssa feels at right home in the Cleveland area, living along the shores of Lake Erie. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with family and friends, hiking throughout the many beautiful Ohio parks, reading, baking, working out, and cheering on her favorite Michigan team, the Spartans