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Enhance Your Children's Potential with Back-to-School Vision Therapy

Empowering Your Childrens Success with Vision TherapyAs the school year kicks off, ensuring your child's success goes beyond textbooks and assignments — it involves their vision health, too. If your child is struggling with reading, attention difficulties, or not performing to their potential at school, vision therapy could be the answer you've been seeking.

At The Vision Development Team, we're dedicated to helping children excel by improving their vision skills through our evidence-based vision therapy program. Discover if vision therapy can benefit your child and help prepare them for the new school year.

The Impact of Vision Skills on Learning

Visual acuity (sharpness of vision) is just one part of the vision equation. In fact, more than 17 vital visual skills contribute significantly to achieving success in academics and sports. Kids with underdeveloped visual skills might put in more effort than their peers but still have difficulty reaching their goals.

Vision therapy is a proven program that effectively targets specific vision skills affecting your child. Backed by clinical evidence, it has been shown to elevate reading levels, enhance comprehension, extend attention spans, and even improve sports performance. Witness a transformation in your child's school performance as their visual skills are nurtured and strengthened.

Is Your Child a Candidate for Vision Therapy?

The signs might not always be obvious, but if your child exhibits any of the following, vision therapy could be the solution to unlocking their potential:

  • Struggling with reading, skipping words or lines
  • Not reading at their grade level
  • Confusing letters like b, d, p, and q
  • Rubbing eyes or closing one eye while reading or working up close
  • Holding books too closely or tilting their head while reading
  • Experiencing eye strain or headaches during schoolwork or computer use
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension
  • Blurred or double vision while reading
  • Avoiding homework and poor attention span
  • Fidgeting and squirming in their chair

A Holistic Approach to Vision Therapy

At The Vision Development Team in North Royalton, we take a holistic approach to vision therapy. Our comprehensive functional vision exam assesses over 17 visual skills, including eye tracking, reading fluency, focusing, and depth perception. This approach allows us to identify areas within the visual system that might hinder learning and reading.

Once we pinpoint these vulnerable areas, our tailored vision therapy regimen consists of specialized eye exercises to improve visual functions and retrain the brain's interpretation of visual input. Our goal is to provide children with the tools they need to reach their full potential, both academically and athletically.

Schedule Your Child's Functional Eye Exam with The Vision Development Team in North Royalton

If you're ready to equip your child for success and address any visual challenges they might be facing, schedule a functional eye exam with The Vision Development Team in North Royalton today. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your child's visual skills, ensuring they excel in the classroom and beyond.