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The Fundamentals of Auditory and Vision Development

Boy Trouble LearningWithin the human brain, several senses share similar pathways. One example of this is the shared pathway of the auditory and visual systems. Depth perception uses both pathways, as we often use sound to determine distance and then look toward the sound with our eyes to learn more, demonstrating how the auditory and visual senses work together and should be treated together if not functioning correctly.

Patti Andrich, a certified optometric vision therapist, uses The Listening Program to improve communication within the brain between the eyes and ears, as signals from these senses being delayed or mismatched can cause confusion and frustration in daily life. Based on Donald Hebb's research on the brain, Patti's therapy aims to optimize coordination, listening, and visual skills by firing the auditory nerve along with visual pathways to form connections between the two senses. Stimulating the auditory and visual systems together through Patti's therapy and other techniques can result in a higher quality of life for patients.

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